Considering a career in consulting? Bain & Company;s LGBT employee
organization would like to chat with you!

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*BGLAD coffee chats at UChicago*

*Get to know Bain and our LGBT employee organization*

*Plein Air Café *

5751 S. Woodlawn Ave

Chicago, IL 60637

*Tuesday, October 7th*

1:30PM – 4:30PM

Please join us for coffee at *Plein Air Café* to learn more about the
Associate Consultant role as well as LGBT life at Bain & Company. You’ll
have an opportunity to chat one-on-one about Bain and its LGBT organization
(BGLAD) with a current AC in the Chicago office. In addition, any questions
about the application process will be answered.

*Please RSVP here

*Any questions may be directed to SoonKyu:*

SoonKyu Park | | 312.813.8363

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*SoonKyu Park *Associate Consultant
Bain & Company, Inc. | 190 South LaSalle Street Suite 3400 | Chicago, IL
60603 | United States
Tel: +1 312 629 7818 | Mobile: +1 312 813 8363 | Email:

Dear Students,

The LGBT Alumni Board is interested in recruiting student liaisons to
improve our ability to serve current students’ interests, and to facilitate
your entry into our alumni network and alumni leadership upon graduation.
We are seeking one liaison from the College and one from each graduate
division and professional school.

A student liaison would:

1) Coordinate with campus groups and their own social networks to advise us
about student needs that we might support
2) Help students join the LGBT Alumni Network upon graduation
3) attend Board meetings (teleconference calls) when possible, which occur
every other month on a weekday evening and last approximately one hour

If you would like to be considered as a liaison for the 2014-2015 term,
please send an email with the following information to

Expected Graduation Year:

In 250 words or fewer, why are you interested in being a student liaison
for the LGBT Alumni Network, and what makes you a good candidate?

Applications are due by October 30, 2014.

Sincerely yours,
Robert Planthold, AB’06
President, LGBT Alumni Network

Pronouns: He, Him, His

Understanding and Responding to LGBTQ Concerns in East Africa
57th Street Meeting of Friends will be hosting a two-part program on
Saturday, October 11 that will seek to understand, explore, and discuss
concerns about the treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and
queer people in East Africa.

The program will start off at 1:00 p.m. with a presentation by and
discussion with Justimore Musombi. Justimore is a Kenyan Quaker pastor who
has been attending Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana. While
in the US, he came out as gay and has since been formally disowned by his
family and meeting. He recently got asylum in the U.S. He will be
presenting his experience of being gay in Kenya, his disownment, and his
views on how Western Quakers and other Westerners might respond to the
situation of LGBTQ people in East Africa and the Quaker churches there.

The second part of the program will be a showing of the documentary film God
Loves Uganda followed by a discussion led by Yasmin Nair regarding Western
responses to the situation of LGBTQ people in East Africa. The film
explores the intersection between race, class, and religion in the context
of an evangelical Christian campaign to change African culture with values
imported from America’s Christian right. Its presentation of LGBTQ
concerns in East Africa, in the context of racism and neocolonialism,
follows American and Ugandan religious leaders, on both sides of the issue,
responding to concerns about sexual immorality and homosexuality. Yasmin
Nair is a Chicago-based writer, activist, academic, and commentator. Her
writing and organizing address issues like neoliberalism and inequality,
queer politics and theory, the politics of rescue and